For Charities

In today’s competitive world, gaining funding is tougher than ever. But Threeps’ responsible advertising platform and charitable video formats offer the chance to change this. Partner with us to access donations unlocked by users who watch our clients video ads.  Our powerful and innovative advertising with purpose solutions allow you to gain in brand visibility, engage with charity minded customers and receive vital funds at no cost to you.   

If you want to become a part of the Threeps charity partnership, then please contact our team for guidance on how to approach your charity organisation with this incredible opportunity.

    Our Value Proposition
    We Advise Advertisers on Running Ad Campaigns that Give Back!

    Through the Threeps Responsible Advertising offering advertisers have the option to run video campaigns which allow viewers to unlock a donation to your cause in exchange for their attention. As they watch – you benefit! Get involved by contacting [email protected].

    invested in responsible adverstising, working with charities
    that focused on providing essential supplies in areas of conflict.